As promised, I have some pictures of the new studio. Aesthetically it still has work, but everything is functioning so that's what's important right now. Eventually it will be functional AND aesthetically pleasing (which is the perfect combination in the mind of a crafts major). The room is currently painted, so the swatch you see in the photos is the color of the room now. I jumped the gun and got too excited to take photos before it was finished... close-up of the soldering station my workspace/bench Kaitlin's workspace/bench far view of the soldering area and general work area with a buffer and drill press; "dry area" with a printer, light box and desk I also spotted a giant box with a picture of a bandsaw down there this evening, so I'm hoping that is not a trick. We're getting serious over here! In other news, everything has been really hectic recently... some good things, some not-so-good things and one really amazing thing. Me and three former classmates/good friends/jewelers will be reunited in order to make some pretty creative commissions in the near future! I'm pretty pumped to collaborate with these ladies; I already know it is going to be lots of work, but such a great experience. More to come on that one later, though....


Reviving the Blog...

So, it has been almost a year since I have updated, which is not okay, however I'm going to get this blog revived and fill you in! Since leaving Rehoboth Beach/Lewes, DE last fall (I can't believe it has been that long already!) I have moved back to Philadelphia and in with my fellow jeweler Kaitlin Kerr and we have successfully built a studio to work in! I am definitely missing interning at Heidi Lowe Gallery, all the friends I met there as well as the beaches and landscape of Delaware, but I can't express how wonderful it is to be able to make work again in our new studio! Not to mention it is a huge plus to be able to work in the same place that I live! Since getting the studio up and running, I have been working on a commissioned wedding gift this month, which is amazing. I really love doing commission work because it is so personalized and rewarding for everyone involved. Who doesn't like to receive something specially designed just for them?? I am so excited to deliver this one...! In my next post I will reveal pictures of the new studio and eventually I will post pictures of the commission, but we can't ruin the surprise.


Heidi Lowe Gallery..

The past five months I've been down in Delaware interning for Heidi Lowe. It was easily the best summer I've ever had. Here are some pictures of the displays for the shows I worked on... Jo and I gathered some pictures of the making of the displays. The shows were "Earrings Galore", "Jim Charles: Line", "Between Beauty" 4 Swedish Artists (Agnieszka Knap, Auli Laitinen, Magdalena Ringels, and Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding), "Aquatic Bloom" local artists Heidi Lowe and Leah Van Rees, and a solo showing of Sue Bartlet's work.


Mace and Chain of Office commissions

The Mace and the Chain of Office were commissioned by The Colburn School: Music Conservatory located in Los Angeles, CA.

Mace and Chain of Office Commissions

These are a bit old (completed during Junior and Senior year), but I am posting photographs from Mace and Chain of Office commissions...


Celebrity Gemitalia: Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and Christina (2009)

(brooches) Sterling silver, enamel on copper, cubic zirconia, stainless steel *photo by Ken Yanoviak

Either way she's Momma O. (2009)

(reversible brooch) Sterling silver, enamel on copper, stainless steel *photo by Ken Yanoviak

Amy (2009)

(worn as a brooch when the chain is removed or as a pendant) Sterling silver, enamel on copper, fine silver, stainless steel *photo by Ken Yanoviak

Under Pressure (2009)

Sterling silver, felted wool, thread *photo by Ken Yanoviak

Diamond Ring (2008)

Sterling silver, felted wool, thread *photo by Ken Yanoviak

Pressure Pendants (2008)

Sterling silver, silver cable, felted wool, thread

Cinched with Gold (2008)

18K Gold, bloodwood, stainless steel

Cinched Pendant (2008)

Sterling silver, African blackwood, nickel silver

Cinched necklace (2008)

Sterling silver, turquoise, African blackwood

It's Britney, Bitch (2008)

Sterling silver, nickel silver, silver solder

Spikey pins (2008)

Sterling silver

Sugarbowl (2007)

Bronze, copper

Spooning (2007)

Bronze, copper, sterling silver, silver solder

Conceptual Spoon (2007)

Sterling silver, felted wool

Felted Dango (2007)

Sterling silver, felted wool, latex, stainless steel

45th Anniversary Ring (2007)

Sterling silver, sapphire

Ribcage Brooch (2007)

Sterling silver, bronze, stainless steel



The "Skin, Skeleton, Soul" project from second semester Intro. to Jewelry with Lola Brooks is the only piece I have photographed from Sophomore year. I still like these pieces and it was my first project working to combine felted wool and metal, therefore I consider this piece to be kind of a "jump-off point" project.